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    Colors: Blue, Pink, & Purple


    Irresistibly soft touch: The makeup brush set bristles are made of smooth, soft CosmeFibre fine silk and skin-friendly silk, resilient nylon bristles. With dense,ultra-soft bristles that help you create an even, smooth application. The soft bristles also prevent irritation to the sensitive skin of your face and neck.

    Say goodbye to poor quality bristles which scattered all over your face and cosmetics: The make up brush set bristles are secured with neoprene on the inside and metal layers on the edges of the bristles for double protection against falling bristles. The wooden brush handle fits comfortably in your hand, allowing you to achieve extreme precision as well as control when applying makeup, helping you to create the perfect lines of your face.

    Make your face feel safe and comfortable: Comfortable touch that makes applying your favorite cosmetics faster and easier.

    A beginner's professional makeup brush: The brushes include the most basic ones like foundation brush, eyebrow brush, concealer brush, tapered eyeshadow brush, blush brush andangled contour brush. As a professional makeup brush set, it also includes blurring brush, crease brush, and more.Of course, every brush you'll need to achieve the desired look is included.

    Makeup brushes set 32

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